Who We Are

Arniko Society is an alumni association of scholars and experts who have graduated from China and are engaged in various government and non-governmental organizations all over Nepal. The 250 or so members are working in medical, engineering, academic and business fields. Arniko Society was established on October 24th 1981 with the aim of further strengthening the age-old relationship between Nepal and China. It was formally registered on (2048 Baishak 25th).


Arniko Society focuses on the following:

  • Developing closer contacts and cooperation among the members to provide opportunities for exchange of information on academic, scientific, technical and other concerned subjects among the members.
  • Introducing China and the Chinese Language to the Nepalese Youth and General Public.
  • Developing cultural, educational, social, economic, trade, scientific and technological co-operation and exchanges between the two countries.
  • Promoting exchange of visits between academicians, professionals, students and businessmen of both countries to enhance people to people contacts.
  • Arranging seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and talk programs on issues of common interest.
  • Organizing public programs like film festival, photo exhibition book fair, to give the Nepalese people opportunity to know more about China and the different aspects of life of Chinese people and disseminate information about Nepal to the Chinese people.
  • Making arrangements for the visit of Chinese Friendship Organizations, Buddhist Organizations and Academicians to Nepal.
  • Playing the role of a contact point between similar organizations of Nepal and China.

In the twenty years of its life Arniko society has become a familiar name among the public and policy makers in Nepal. It has a wide working relationship with the government and non-governmental sector in Nepal. It also has a very good working relationship with the Chinese Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, China Scholarship Council, Chinese Buddhist Association and other governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations in China. Arniko society hopes to make even greater contributions to promote Nepal-China friendship in the days to come.

Message from president

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